We can't thank you enough Debbie for what you have done for both our boys T and J. I feel so grateful for all of the help and advice over the years. I appreciate all your help, support and motivation you have given me. Thank you from all of us. 2023

Thank you Debbie for all you have done for us as a family. We will never forget your kindness and support. D has loved Ducklings so much. You, Jo and the rest of the team have created a wonderful safe and joyous place for our children to grow and learn. Thank you from the H. 2023

Thank you for the smiley welcome at the door in the mornings and looking after us so well.

Ducklings have been truly amazing!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you've done for not only B but myself as well. You show so much care and compassion.

Just a note to say thank you both so much for always taking great care of I (and A before her). What you two create at Ducklings is truly special and I am only sorry that my working hours meant it could not be my primary childcare choice. Carry on doing what you are doing as you do it so well.

My little one has come on leaps and bounds since going to Ducklings. She is now potty trained, is full of confidence and gallops into nursery. I am so pleased I made the decision to send her there. I never worry about her in their care.

This is an excellent pre-school. I moved my son to Ducklings from his other pre-school having had difficulties there. Ducklings welcomed him from day one and he never looked back. He has additional needs and I can confidently say that he received excellent support and care. Debbie (the manager) is a very special person with many talents. She skilfully supported my son through difficult times (having had meningitis and losing his hearing previously) to allow him to achieve the very best he could. Careful thought was given to provision for academic development and well balanced with good focus on social skills. All of the staff worked hard and with enthusiasm to support my son and I felt listened to and that their reporting procedures were clear and helpful. My son's transition to primary school was excellent. Debbie met with the SENCo of the school and liaised efficiently with all necessary paperwork. It was wonderful to be able to drop off my son and feel he would be cared for and treated with great respect and I thank the staff for their efforts. The pre-school location is very ordinary and a typical church hall. However, I would stress that the personal care your child receives will never be ordinary and would encourage any parents thinking of visiting the pre-school to do so. Debbie and the other staff's calm approach and wide experience will offer your child a great start.
My daughter has been attending this preschool for a year now and I am very happy with it. I have worked in childcare myself for 20 years so had looked round quite a few preschools before I chose this one and one of the main reasons was because the staff are friendly, nurturing, happy to be there and actually play with the children. Within a month of my daughter being there and going to the first parents evening I could tell that her key worker Debbie already knew her very well and that she seemed to be settling in nicely. All the staff are very approachable and are quick to help your child settle in if they are unsettled in the mornings. There is a good balance between play and learning at this nursery and I feel my daughter has come on in leaps and bounds with all of her numeracy and writing skills. She has also become much more confident in playing with other children and making friends. Another plus point to this nursery is that they run a lunch club so you can use your 15 hours over 4 days rather than 5 allowing you a whole day with your child to do other things before they start school. I would highly recommend this nursery to anyone.

My daughter attends Ducklings Pre-School 4 mornings a week and really enjoys her time there. She has a great sense of belonging and has gained confidence with her learning and language skills since joining. The morning routine gives her a sense of security and all the children are confident and happy when they go in each morning. The room is big with varied activities each day and there is a happy, friendly atmosphere. The teachers know all the children very well and are all happy to regularly discuss the children’s daily activities and progress. I feel very happy that my daughter’s first experience of schooling has been at Ducklings and I would definitely recommend Ducklings Pre-School to other parents.

I would highly recommend Duckling Pre School. Both my daughters have attended this pre school, they both started as very shy children and have developed into confident kids who are ready for school life. The teachers their are lovely with the children, they learn the children's personalities and are patient and caring , which is very reassuring when you are leaving your little ones! They have a set structure to their day and the children thrive on this routine and I believe gives them a sense of security. Five star recommendation.